Monday, October 15, 2012

We're Growing!!! [Parker Edition]

Look at me getting this blog done before the month is up. Woohoo!

3 Months:

Our littlest man is 3 months old and I just can't believe how much growing this kid has done. He is a solid dude who seems like a giant when compared to how his skinny older brother was at this age.  Parker is a happy guy, who likes to "speak up" when something is a bit off.  He's at that cool age where he smiles a lot and is just starting to transition from the smiley grunt/"humph" to a full-blown laugh. Parker is a chatty boy, who can stare up at his mama all day (I'm puddy, I tell you. Puddy). His biggest thing that I am seeing is how strong he is and how great he is with his hands. He already loves to stand up (with our support, of course) so he can put all his weight on his legs. And he loves grabbing for anything he wants with his hands... and he's good at it! He can concentrate on something and play with it for awhile. He's a true inspector!

Last month I took Parker to his two month appointment and the doctor was amazed at his strength. When she saw him roll over not once, not twice, but three times, she exclaimed he was doing fourth month tricks and said he's gonna be one of those kids who is running before you know it. I don't care too much about milestones, but I just loved her swooning over my baby boy.

Oh, and while we were waiting, I of course snapped a few pics with my phone. Such a happy boy:

I am so in love with my littlest man and am enjoying seeing him grow. I feel like everyday we are seeing a little more of his personality which is such a treat.  But, oh man, if I thought time with Landon as a baby went fast, time with Parker is like lightening speed.  I'm trying to capture every moment I can to hold in my memory for later :)

You may have remembered my newest "obstacle" with taking Parker's monthly pics.... well, it's still happening. So, without further ado... the brotherly bloopers:

Landon "helping" with the photo shoot means Mama has to cleverly take pictures without him in frame:

Finally, Landon gets to hop in on the shoot. I think we can all see how happy he is about this:

"So I says to the guy, I says..."


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Erin and Andrew said...

Little Brudder is getting SO big! I can't wait to see them both next month...Auntie Erin's been saving up some hugs and kisses for those two!