Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Landon's Skoo!"

Not only was September 6th a big day for Landon because he turned 2, it also marked his first day Preschool. It's nothing too crazy; just three hours two days a week, but there is one thing for sure, Landon LOVES going to school. 

Here was our little man in his very first "First day of School" pic:

We had met his teachers a couple days earlier and Landon had already got the chance to take a gander around his classroom. All this made for a very smooth transition.... I wish I could say that was the case for all the kids in his class :/  When I dropped Landon off, he headed straight for the trains and didn't look twice as I walked out.

When I came to pick him up, he still had a huge smile on his face... and a birthday crown"!

Mrs. April said he was a champion and didn't cry once. I actually had expected this since we have such a social dude on our hands.

Since then, Lando is still loving Preschool. When we arrive in the parking lot, he proudly exclaims, "Landon's Skoo!" And as we make our way to his classroom, walking is never fast enough- "Landon running!"  It's a great feeling knowing that Lando is loving school so much. He loves his teachers and already I'm seeing changes in him ( FINALLY my child can sit through story-time!!).  I can't believe he is old enough to be there, but it's also exciting that he is turning from toddler to super cool, awesome, CHATTY kid :)

Bonus pic - Landon all dressed up for Picture Day:

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C and B said...

oh my goodness, what a cutie! that kid has some gorgeous eyes. :) can't believe he's starting preschool already...it goes so fast!